Request For Proposal

Section A is required.
Section B is optional. Information may be included if facility specific information is available at the time of submission of the RFP.

Section A – City and Committee
1. Name of Proposed host city (please include area, if known, such as downtown, suburb, airport adjacent):

2. Why is the proposed city a good choice for our International Conference of Secular AA?

3. Provide the first name & last initial, email address, and phone number of the contact person for the host city committee:

4. List the people who have expressed a willingness to participate on the host city committee (including the contact person). Include a brief description of each person’s AA service experience (especially any experience with conference committees) and if they have attended our previous Secular AA conferences or plan on attending the upcoming ICSAA conference.

5. How many AA groups in your area do you suspect would be willing to support the convention with volunteers and in spreading the word in advance?

6. What dates would you propose for the conference? (Note: it is okay to have a couple of options at this point). In the past we have met in August and November, however, we do not have an organizational restriction, and local factors, such as weather or seasonal costs of lodging and facilities should be considered.

7. What type of facility do you have in mind, i.e., hotel with meeting space, independent convention space, municipal facilities, etc. If you are considering more than one type of facility, please list and explain the virtues of all the viable options you are considering.

8. What do you suspect the nightly hotel rate will be at the host hotel?

9. Describe modes of transportation available from the airport to the facility, including distance and travel time and costs.

10. Provide general information about the host city’s climate during the month that the convention will be hosted.

11. What are some areas of interest in and around the host city?

12. Could the immigration laws (foreigner visitation restrictions) of the country of your proposed host city restrict who may attend the ICSAA, other than typical visa requirements? If so, please list any known restrictions that may surprise us and any plans you may have to address these concerns.

Section B – Facility (OPTIONAL)
1. What is the proposed host facility name, address, and contact person?
2. Please give a general description of the facility (e.g., hotel, community center, church, etc.).
3. What lecture rooms are available, what is the capacity of each, and what is the cost? For example: one main theatre seating 400, three seminar rooms seating 100, and six breakout rooms seating 50. The cost may be provided for each individual room or as one quote for all rooms. Indicate any additional local taxes and service charges.
4. Is there a room available for the operations of the board of directors?
5. What dates and times are you suggesting that the convention be held? Please include start times of registration and program on Friday and closing time on Sunday.
6. Who will record the sessions (the convention facility or a company found by the committee)? What will be his/her/their estimated cost be per day (or total for the three days) including use of extra microphones/speakers etc.?
7. As best you can, describe the plans for feeding the attendees. You should be able to cover the cost of the meals with the price of the convention tickets. For example: Will meals be provided by the facility or catered from outside? Which meals?
8. Can coffee and tea be available during the entire time sessions are running? Will this be included in the price of the admission ticket? If not, what is the average cost of a cup of coffee?
9. What is the estimated price of tickets based on a minimum of 300 attendees and the cost of the venue rental?
10. Describe modes of transportation available from the airport to the facility, including distance, travel time and costs.
11. If the convention is being held at a hotel, what is the cost of nightly accommodation? How many rooms are available at this rate? If it is not being held in a hotel, please provide the names and rates of at least three nearby hotels, ranging in costs from “low” to “high.”
12. Provide any other low budget accommodation you know of, such as university dorms.
13. What plans do you have for a Friday or Saturday evening social reception? Is there any additional cost to the attendee for this reception?
14. Are there any location specific safety issues that should be taken into consideration (e.g., crime, international concerns, etc.)?

Email Completed Proposal using the above guidelines to SecularAA Admin