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Using The Secular Meetings Listing Page


  • If you need a Meeting NOW – The Next 8 SecularAA Meetings (Everywhere) are displayed at the bottom of each page of this website.

  • To search for a Secular Meeting Near you open the tab  “Secular Meetings” . This page will open with the search filters set to the Current Day of the week


  • Every meeting in the World will display on the page for  today. (whatever day of the week it happens to be when you open the page).

  • To narrow the search, enter the City – State – or Region. You may also click the drop down menu item that says “Near Me” …The Menu box immediately to the right offers selections as close as 2 miles to 100 miles from you. BE Careful with the Day Selection…for best results set filters for ANY DAY and ANY TIME -or ANY WHERE to see ALL MEETINGS. The Search box will also assist you by providing detailed prompts for Regions like Brooklyn? Burroughs? New York?
  • Of course you may go directly to the Tabs (Best Choice) for specific Regions( “Little circles with a “plus” sign in the center are to be clicked to show “Sub-Regions” Like CANADA—Ontario”) States, Types of Meetings, Time of Day, Day of Week….or use the LIST button to Display an entire list of Secular Meetings in our Database. One can also use the MAP button to show geographical areas of interest with PINS to locate meetings. Locate your area on the Map and meetings will be displayed with “Clickable” Pins for more specific Information, Including Directions and details.

Online Meetings ( ZOOM Help)

  • Before you attempt to enter a “Zoom” Meeting, prepare your viewing Device by downloading the Zoom Software for PC. (you can skip this step, but the video quality will suffer):  Zoom Client for Meetings
  • All SecularAA hosted Meetings use “Zoom” software.. (Secular Saturday-Secular Sunday-Sober She Devils)
  • Online Meetings cannot be displayed in the Secular Meetings list as this program is a location based software.
  • Please go to the Online Meetings Tab and open it to find our listing of the Secular Online Meetings we know of.
  • Each Zoom meeting contains a unique link to enter the meeting you are selecting. Every “ZOOM” Meeting has a different “Meeting ID and Link” .
  • ** Note that not all meetings in the List use Zoom Technology.
  • Make sure you use the correct LINK to match the Meeting you wish to attend. ****( Most important item to find the correct meeting!! )***
  • All Zoom Meetings are encrypted for Privacy.

At the top of the Online Meetings page there is a Tutorial explaining in Video and Text, everything you need to know to help you with “Zoom” type meetings : ZOOM HELP

Mobile Devices iOS-Ipad /Android Zoom App

For the best service on these type of devices you should download the appropriate App from the App Store to your phone/device. 

  • For other Online Meetings listed, follow instructions on their respective Websites.
  • If you have any information that would help us; you may use the “Contact” form located by opening the Contact Tab in the Main Menu.

Start a New Meeting

  • To Start a New Secular AA Meeting your first concern may be to find others interested in the same thing in your surrounding area. Click on the Start a Meeting Tab and find helpful suggestions from those that have gone before. You will be provided with some basic information and then directed to a “Start Meeting Contacts page where you can see  people looking to Start a Meeting . Then make it easy by simply sending all your prospective meeting information to the Webmaster through the Start a Meeting Form on this Page.  Include a brief message about your contact Information and type of meeting you would like to start and location data for the “Start Meeting Contactspage.
  • See the examples already placed by others like you….If you already have established your meeting and would like to publish it here in our meetings database : Go to Secular Meetings and select the drop down tab “New Meeting Form” and fill out as completely as possible.

Send Us Information ( Contact Form ): Files - Pictures - Videos or just ask a question.

  • Select Tab “Contact“.
  • Use the form to send your material or to ask a question or ask for help.
  • This is the place to send Pamphlets, Group Histories, Links, etc.

“Please do not use this form to Start New Meetings or Send Meeting data.”

“Please refrain from asking us about meeting details…is this meeting still going?…etc….You will need to contact the local group for this Info.

How to PRINT site content

Printing Instructions

  • Hover your mouse pointer over anyplace on the page you wish to print.
  • Right Click” your mouse and select –print
  • Follow the Instructions your system printer provides for printing.
  • Special Printing software has not been installed on this site because it severely affects the page loading speeds of the entire site.

About Links


  • The Links page provides users with clickable links to many of our Secular Groups that have websites and contact info.
  • Websites here have contact info that is very helpful when traveling near there or to ask questions about their meetings.
  • Links are also provided to Secular AA Community Websites that are helpful or supportive of our cause.
  • If you find a link that doesn’t work…please notify the Webmaster ( These links change often)

About Events

  • Events are posted as soon as we get SOME information. We feel that as soon as we have dates, users should be informed as quickly as possible for planning purposes.
  • The Information will fill in as we get more data from the Event Hosts or as time gets closer to the event. if you don’t see the  Information you were looking for, the chances are its not available yet. As information flows in we will post it immediately.

Regional Conference Contact Information Request Form

A Regional Conference Contact Request Form is Placed under the “Events” Tab. Fill out form completely with as much detail as possible, and submit to Webmaster. This Information will be loaded onto the “Conference Contacts” Tab immediately below the request Form on the “Event” Menu page.

How to get into the Secular AA Coffeeshop

To become a member of the Secret Facebook Group “Secular AA Coffeeshop” , you must send a “Friend Request” to a listed member of the group.  This person can add you to the group……if you pick an “Admin” it will be much easier as they understand the process.You can find a list of “members” on the upper right side column of the page.

**… Becoming a Member of the Coffeeshop implies you will abide by the spirit of the Forum. Prospective members are approved by Admin.

Depressed ?? Suicidal ??

If you are feeling desperate or have any thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a toll-free number: 800-273-TALK (8255), or call 911, or simply go to your nearest hospital emergency department. You cannot make long-term plans for lifestyle changes when you are in the middle of a crisis.

USA – The Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Canada – Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566 UK & Ireland – The Samaritans: 116-123 Australia – Lifeline: 13-11-14 New Zealand – Lifeline: 0800-543-345