• 200 Zhen Ning Lu
    Jingan Qu
    Shanghai Shi

    Shanghai, China

    Floor 20, Room 20B The Xin An Tower, East Building 200 Zhen Ning Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200050* (this is the correct postal code) Address in Chinese: 静安区镇宁路200号欣安大厦东峰20楼B室. The Xin An Tower, East Building (in the back of the building); there are two 30-floor towers, West and East. The Alano Club is in the East Tower: go past the West Tower and the Spa. The East Tower is the last entrance on the left. Zhenning Road is one block north of Yan'an Road (Yan'an Road runs east-west.)

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  • Updated August 9, 2017
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