8:00 am We Agnostics Elkhart General Hospital (Elkhart, IN) 600 East Blvd Elkhart, IN Discussion, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access
9:00 am We Agnostics Okinawa Sunset Beach (Chatan, Okinawa, Japan) 2 Chome Mihama Chatan, Okinawa, Japan Discussion, English, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access
10:00 am Colchester Sunday Agnostics, Atheists & Freethinkers Hythe Community Centre (Colchester, England) 1 Ventura Dr Colchester, England Discussion, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access
10:00 am We AAgnostics Monona Serenity Group (Madison, WI) 4933 Prairie Dock Dr Madison, WI Discussion, Literature, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access
11:00 am We Agnostics Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital (Washington, DC) 921 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC Discussion, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access
5:00 pm Regardless of Belief Friends Coming of Age Hall (Modesto, CA) 1203 Tully Rd Modesto, CA Discussion, Open, Secular, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Beliefs) Southside Meeting Hall (Bellingham, WA) 1113 11th St Bellingham, WA Discussion, Literature, Open, Secular
6:00 pm Derby City Living Sober The Community Room, Centurion Walk, Chester Green, DE1 3RD 1 Centurian Walk Derby, England Closed, Discussion, Living Sober, Secular, Wheelchair Access
6:00 pm We Agnostics of Uptown The Men's Center (Minneapolis, MN) 3249 Hennepin Ave S Minneapolis, MN Discussion, LGBTQ, Open, Secular, Transgender
7:00 pm Les Libres Penseurs Loisirs Saint-Joseph 950 Rue Desranleau E Saint-Hyacinthe, QC Closed, Discussion, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Many Paths Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton (Fredericton, NB) 874 York St Fredericton, NB Discussion, Literature, Open, Secular, Step Meeting
8:30 pm Secular & Sober The Triangle Recovery Club of Westminster (Westminster, MD) 2 N Court St Westminster, MD Big Book, Discussion, Literature, Newcomer, Open, Secular, Speaker
10:00 pm Night Owls Quad A Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club, Inc. (Asheville, NC) 22 New Leicester Hwy B Asheville, NC Discussion, Open, Secular, Wheelchair Access