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Author Topic: Thoughts on "One Big Tent"....John L.

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Thoughts on "One Big Tent"....John L.
OP: March 04, 2020, 11:40:02 AM
I've taken the liberty of Posting John L's response to the Article in ATHEISTICAA (https://atheisticaa.com/) "One Big Tent" by John H....it's a good read.

.John Lauritsen March 3, 2020

John, My take on One Big Test wasn’t quite so negative as yours. To be sure, the constant mentions of “spirituality” were annoying, as were allusions to “the program”, which apparently means “working” the Steps. Time and again Bill W. was cited reverently as the avatar of Tolerance and Inclusiveness, whereas he could be small-minded and ignorant. In the seventies, at GSO in New York, I read letters that he’d written in response to AA members who objected to the “Lord’s Prayer”. Bill didn’t budge an inch — told them they’d better say it anyway, to give themselves a lesson in tolerance. I think the “tolerant” sayings later attributed to Bill W. were actually written by others, with better minds and command of English.
Almost completely missing from the book was the true AA, the AA that works. The 24-Hour Plan was never mentioned by name, although one person said, “Just for today, I’ll not take that first drink.” Another said, “I didn’t have to drink, no matter what….” Another said that the Preamble kept him sober. Several people cited the Fellowship as the basis of their sobriety.
Some of the articles were sincere and interesting, especially when they described the intolerance that they, as unbelievers, had experienced from the big Book fundamentalists.
Face it, if you or I had submitted a letter — giving forthright criticisms of the Steps, Big Book, Bill W., or religion — the letter would have gone into the circular file. AA and the Grapevine have commodities to sell, and we don’t help their sales.
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