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Author Topic: What’s the Point in Drinking Alcohol Free Beer?

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What’s the Point in Drinking Alcohol Free Beer?
OP: March 07, 2020, 09:13:47 AM

What’s the Point in Drinking Alcohol Free Beer?
The weirdest question I get as a sober person

I gave up drinking over a year ago and, at first, a lot of people had a problem with it.
Their first question would usually be ‘but why?’ followed by ‘when will you start drinking again?’
These questions were weird enough because everybody knows that drinking is bad for you in general.
We cling to research that says one glass of wine a night is fine and dismiss research that shows no amount of alcohol is okay. We only pay attention to studies that support what we want to be true.
But after a few months, I started drinking alcohol free beers. And then came the weirdest question.
‘What’s the point in drinking alcohol free beer?’

The definitions society gives us
It’s weird because while beer is traditionally alcoholic, it now doesn’t have to be. Like Coke originally had trace cocaine in it, it now doesn’t.
Because cocaine isn’t great for you.
But we drink what society tells us to drink. We drink what companies tell us to drink. We let them define it all. It was only when alcohol companies received tax breaks on low and no alcohol beer that they started investing research into their development.
What was normal before was entirely based on profit companies make. And all our opinions on what’s normal are derived from that.
The sense in alcohol free beer
We like variety in our food, so why is it weird to like variety in our drinks? I like the taste of beer, I just don’t like what alcohol does to me.
So surely alcohol free beer is a perfect and completely logical solution?
It’s far better than drinking sugary soft drinks.
And the question is even stranger when you follow it to its natural conclusion. Because if you’re asking about the point of drinking beer that contains no alcohol, you’re surely saying that the reason you drink beer is because it has alcohol.
Not because you necessarily enjoy the taste.
The same goes for decaf coffee. I’ve been asked what the point of drinking it is. But again, I drink it for the taste, not the effect of caffeine.
If I needed it for its caffeine, then I would have to reassess my lifestyle because I shouldn’t need caffeine to function.

Why do we consume?

There are plenty of things we buy and consume because we need them.
We need water to live. We need a coat to protect us from the elements and we need shoes to walk outside without injuring our feet.
Because when it comes to non-essentials— probably the largest category of purchases in our lives — don’t we want to consume things because we enjoy them?
Lots of people enjoy the effects of alcohol. Fine. But we can also enjoy the taste. And drinking alcohol free beer allows me to appreciate the taste without the side effects that I personally don’t want.
So there you go. I consume alcohol free beer because I enjoy it. Exactly the same reason as other people drink alcoholic beer for.
Not so weird eh?

Kitiara Pascoe
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What’s the Point in Drinking Alcohol Free Beer?
#1: March 10, 2020, 11:18:53 AM
Very interesting read! 🤓
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