SecularAA Speakers and Panelists

2018 International Conference of SecularAA – Toronto OntarioYoutube logo

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Featuring : 

  • Sam E. and Carol M.- Introduction: Inclusion and Diversity
  • Archer V.- Emotional Sobriety The New Frontier
  • Beth H.- Reframing the Steps
  • Catherine R. and David B-. Trauma and Addiction
  • Jeb B.- Still LIving the 12 Steps
  • Courtney S., Maria T., and Carol P.- Online Meeting Demo
  • Nigel S. and Andrew H.- My Pet is Step 2
  • Sheila K.- Psychotherapy and Secular AA
  • John L.- AA Literature, Revise, Reject, Replace?
  • Vic L.-Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing Secular AA?
  • Afternoon with the Atheists
  • Agnostic AA History Panel
  • Regional Conferences
  • The Biology, Psychology and Philosophy of Spirituality

Regional Conference Speakers

Widening the Gateway Conference “The Core of Recovery Panel”

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Recovery without recourse to The Twelve Steps
Presented at the “Widening  the Gateway” Regional SecularAA Forum in Tacoma, WA on March 31, 2018

  • John H. Moderator
  • Mary G. Panelist
  • Bill K. Panelist

Audio recording of the Panel featuring John Huey as moderator

1hr : 14min (Links may take a few minutes to load on some systems

WACYPAA Boise 2019

WACYPAA XXII  January 3-6  2019  –  Boise, Idaho
“Widening the Gateway Panel”WACYPAA Banner

  • Moderator: Angela B.
  • Earl B. – Boise,ID: Panelist
  • Jerrica T. Mesa, AZ: Panelist
  • Jeff F. Boise,ID: Panelist